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Lake Mitchell Sewer Improvement Project

As you may be aware, the LMSA sewer system is over 45 years old and at a critical point.   There has been several Sanitary Sewer Overflows, that ultimately resulted in receiving an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).  The ACO also requires LMSA to complete the Improvement Project.  The failing system is a hazard to public safety, environment, and wild life.  The canal that connects Lake Mitchell to Lake Cadillac, feeds into the Clam River and eventually to the Muskegon River, so we need to bring attention to this dire situation to other House Representatives and get bi-partisan support for funding.

LMSA did not qualify for grants to pay for the Improvement Project, so at this point, a portion of the project will be funded through a low interest loan through Rural Development.  LMSA is extremely concerned about the impact this will create for the sewer users and their property values.   LMSA and the Wexford County Republican Committee are working together to bring legislative attention to this project.  If you would like to review the correspondence sent to Representative Fox and the Constituent Sewer Analysis, please go to www.lakemitchellsewer.com.  The correspondence is located on the homepage under announcements.


Representative Joseph Fox is working diligently to advocate funding for the Lake Mitchell Sewer Improvement Project.  Representative Fox plans on introducing a bill this week to make a $18,947,000.00 line-item appropriation for LMSA.  This is a starting point for conversation at the state level and it is vital this goes before the Appropriations Committee.  Representative Fox will need co-sponsors and bi-partisan support for this funding and he cannot do this alone.


Attached is a contact list with phone numbers and email addresses for the 110 Michigan House Representatives.  We need every single person to contact each of the Representatives today.  We do not have the luxury of waiting.   We need to make every single Representative aware of the LMSA Sewer Improvement Project!  LMSA appreciates your time and effort.


For you convenience, here is an example of a talking point if you decide to call Representatives or you may copy and paste the below wording in your email to each Representative. Please don’t forget to refer to the attachment for the contact list:


2023 Goals

Maintaining Legal Lake levels & Sewer Issues:

– Sewer system government funding

– New membership recruitment

– Upcoming annual membership meeting 

– Social event for LMPOI members

– Board meeting attendance

– Cherry Grove and Selma Township board positions

– LMPOI member survey

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LMPOI board opening: We presently have one opening on the board and are looking for an interested member to fill it. If you would like more information about the board and what we do call or text Jackie Erway (231-357-3683), interim president, for more information.

We are working to educate and inform members on all issues and actions that affect the quality and use of Lake Mitchell. We represent and protect the overall interest of all Lake Mitchell property owners and hope to enhance their ability to maximize their enjoyment of our shared resource.


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