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Lake Mitchell Property Owners Inc.

As winter is winding down and the ice is leaving the lake, snowmobiling is leaving as well. Snowmobiling is a very popular sport that brings a great deal of fun and income to our community.  During weekends in the months of January and February the avid snowmobiler will ride hundreds of miles in the Cadillac area.  In years past, we always had drag races on both our lakes which were fun to watch, unfortunately Covid19 caused some activities to be canceled.

Did you know that Michigan has a large snowmobile trail network in the lower and upper peninsula and you can ride state line to state line. Trails are groomed and maintained by volunteers in lower Michigan and paid employees in the U.P.  In the fall they are maintained by cutting brush and posting all signage that identify and provide safety to the users and on some trails, grading for washouts etc.

Depending on the amount of snow grooming begins December 1st and ends March 1st. The club that maintains the trails in and around Cadillac is called Cadillac Winter Promotions. The club is made up of volunteers working out of three barns: 29 road, Boon and Hoxeyville. There are five tractors and drags and the club services 160 miles in and around the area. Drivers go out of each barn twice a day six days a week regardless of the weather. The drag levels the snow covered trails so riding is more enjoyable.

Funds for equipment is provided by trail permits and donations from local business. Trail maps are provided by the club as well for a nominal fee.  The trails are rated by condition and Cadillac trails are rated one of the best and safest in the state every year. Trails are maintained to provide easy access on and off the lake and add to the recreation opportunities.  Snowbirds will be returning soon; some wearing shorts and some having wings preparing for warm weather fun.

See you on the open water and have a safe summer.

Dave Stinger
Lake Mitchell Property Owners Inc.